401-A915 - APEXi Electronics - V-AFC II

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Part #: 401-A915
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Product Description

The highly anticipated release of the new A’PEX VAFC II started a new revolution in piggy-back style fuel controllers. Building upon the world wide success of the previous VAFC, the new VAFC II has taken the proven technology of the last VAFC to the next level. For optimal fuel control, the VAFC now allows for 12 point fuel manipulation in 100 RPM increments. The VAFC II also allows for the VTEC engagement point to be manipulated from 3000-7000 RPM, including the new i-VTEC systems. The redesigned case features a center push button with a rotating outer switch for easy and precise data input. To protect data maps from being tampered with, the new VAFC II features a password protection system.

Like the Super AFC II, the VAFC II displays data in three different modes: Numerical, analog, and graph. Numerical mode allows the user to monitor up to four different values in numerical format and also shows peak hold values on demand. The analog mode displays up to two values in an easy to read meter style display. Peak hold is included in analog mode as well. The graph mode offers real time graph plotting with a built in ghost map trace feature. The graph can relay movement up to 60 seconds.

New Features Include:

  • New case design with center push button and rotating outer switch
  • VTEC engagement control from 3000-7000 RPM in 100 RPM increments
  • 12 point fuel control for LOW and HIGH VTEC maps (total of 24 points)
  • i-VTEC compliant
  • Monitor i-VTEC VVT movement in real time
  • Password protection
  • Red LED light indicated cam switchover point
  • EEPROM chip for maximum data storage
  • VTEC Match/Unmatch correction for smooth VTEC engagement modification
  • Versatile mounting bracket

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