824-N001 - APEXi Valve Springs

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Part #: 824-N001
Notes: (RB26DETT)
MSRP: $399.00
Your Price: $339.15

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
822-N001 $330.65 Notes (RB26DETT)
824-N002 $390.15 Notes (RB26DETT)
824-N003 $364.65 Notes (RB26DETT)
824-N101 $480.25 Notes (SR20DET)
825-N001 $305.15 Notes (RB26DETT)
826-N001 $118.15 Notes (RB26DETT)
828-N001 $84.15 Notes T=1.4 (RB26DETT)
828-N002 $93.50 Notes T=1.9 (RB26DETT)

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Product Description

A’PEXi valve springs are designed to prevent high RPM valve float. “Valve float” is a condition that some engines may experience when using high performance cam shafts with stock valve springs. Often times, the stock valve springs are too weak to effectively secure the wiper pad of the rocker arm or bucket to a high lift cam lobe at high RPM operation. When the rocker is allowed to break contact with the cam lobe this causes the valve to “float”. This can result in damaged camshafts, rockers/buckets, and valves.

A’PEX racing valve springs are the ideal compliment to the A’PEXi camshaft series.

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