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Avid Racing Motor Mounts - Pro Series

Brand: Avid Racing | Category: Motor Mounts

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Product Description

Avid Racing is proud to introduce the first bolt-on true solid mount kit for the Honda and Acura market. Our all new Pro Series Mounts are CNC machined from Alcoa 6061 T-6 billet aluminum to produce a new standard in quality, durability and performance in the industry. The Pro Series Mounts are full solid billet, they do not have polyurethane bushings like our street kits do. They are designed for the true hardcore enthusiast, to sportsman class drivers, all the way up to pro racers.

Avid Racing’s Pro Series Mounts are a must for any hardcore build. These solid mounts allow no engine movement, insuring all of your power goes to the ground, not up in smoke! They also help eliminate wheel hop, greatly improve shifter feel, throttle response, and lower 60 ft times. A must for cars that use straight cut gear boxes or g-force shifters.

Many of our competitors have since released their own versions of solid mounts, but you will be hard pressed to find a solid mount that is as well engineered or constructed as ours. Avid Racing’s Pro Series Mounts are made from solid billet, they are not re-worked street mounts. We have the thickest mounting points compared to other mounts, which is a necessary to withstand the amount of power race engines are producing. The through bolt holes feature pressed in steel sleeves to prevent the bolt from ovalizing the aluminum mount. A key feature is that we obtain our desired width by precision machining the mounts, NOT by the insert. Obtaining desired width from the insert (making the insert wider than the mount) will cause the insert pin to break loose and slide sideways in the chasis brackets once it has been stressed from the massive amounts of horsepower race engines make. So by obtaining the desired width from the mount and reinforcing it with a steel sleeve, we prevent many unwanted failures. And by having the thickest mounting points in the industry, you can throw as much power as you can make and not worry about these mounts breaking. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty insures that your are getting the best quality and these will be the last set of mounts you will ever need to buy! But don’t take our word for it, just ask the laundry list of racers and shop owners that use Avid Racing Pro Series Mounts in some of the quickest and fastest Hondas and Acuras in the world!


  • Alcoa 6061-T6 Bilet Aluminum
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Steel Insert Sleeve
  • Super thick mounting points
  • Insert sleeve is NOT wider than mount
  • All necessary hardware and instructions
  • Avid Racing’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Key Benefits

  • Solid mounts allow NO engine movement
  • Helps eliminate wheel hop
  • Transfer for power to the ground
  • Improved shifter feel
  • Improved throttle response
  • Solid mounts needed for straight cut gear boxes
  • Solid mounts needed for g-force shifter kits

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