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Bully Dog GT Armor UNIVERSAL

Brand: Bully Dog | Category: Electronic Accessories
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30700 GT Armor
Color Desert Camo
30703 GT Armor
Color Green
30706 GT Armor
Color Black
30707 GT Armor
Color White
30701 GT Armor
Color Snow Camo
30702 GT Armor
Color Red
30704 GT Armor
Color Yellow
30705 GT Armor
Color Blue

Product Description

GT Armor is the latest advance in product protection from Bully Dog. The GT Armor product line is made from durable silicone with UV protection to deliver an extra layer of protection to your Gauge Tuner from Bully Dog. Make your choice between multiple skins and find the Armor that suits your taste in style while protecting your GT unit from moisture and small impacts. Tuning perfection requires protection!


  • The GT Armor is easily fitted to your Bully Dog Gauge Tuner for a minimal install time.
  • The GT Armor is made from durable UV resistant silicon which will protect your Bully Dog GT unit from small impacts.
  • Protect the USB, SD Card slot, and HDMI from moisture. (Indirect spray)
  • These sleek covers will keep your Bully Dog GT looking brand new and offer multiple skin designs for an impressive display.
  • The GT Armor must be mounted using the 2 1/16 gauge pod mount with T-slot (30420), RAM suction cup mount (30600), mirror mate mount (31600) or (33600), and the universal mirror mount.

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