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Carbonetic Gear - Close Ratio

Brand: Carbonetic | Category: Close Ratio Gears

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Product Description

In order to derive the maximum performance from the motor, it is very important to have a proper gear ratio. However, the performance is frequently not in the first objective when the stock gear ratio is determined. The Carbonetic shorter final gears and close ratio gears are made with the clear performance objective and offer aggressive acceleration and faster lap time.

With the gear ration closer to each other than stock, Carbonetic Close Ration Gear Set is designed to keep the engine rev at the optimal range.

  • Improve your lap time by keeping the rev at the most powerful range
  • VTEC is fully utilized
  • Can be combined with Carbonetic Final Gear
  • 3rd and 4th gear are reinforced with the special shot peening

Carbonetic Gear to Gear Ratio
1st : 3.077(13:40)
3rd : 1.652(23:38)
4th : 1.308(26:34)
5th : 1.033(30:31)

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