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280030N TPMS 1/4 Drive Torque Wrench, 6~30 Nm
593+6710 TPMS T-10 Torx Screw Driver
593+6720 TPMS T-20 Torx Screw Driver
AT-SW55-0001 TPMS Re-Learn Tools VT55 Update Subscription (1 Year)
AT-T643000 TPMS Re-Learn Tools Magnet
SC20140 TPMS T10 Torque Tool
SC20195 TPMS Sleeve Removal Tool
11mm/12mm Flip
SO1211D TPMS Flip Socket
11mm /12mm
VHTPMS TPMS Valve Core Torque Tool
VHTPMST10 TPMS T-10 Torx Screw Driver

Product Description

Why does TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) exist? TPMS legislation (TREAD Act) was passed due to the need for vehicle safety and maintenance. There was an increased need for public safety due to road accidents and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) required that all cars made or sold in the USA be fitted with TPMS sensors by 2008.

TPMS Trigger Tools range:
With Coyote Accessories TPMS product line for tire repair shops you can activate TPMS sensors from all manufacturers. Coyote Accessories synchronization software that enables customers to upgrade their TPMS tools with new sensor protocols.

TPMS Tool Universality:
Coyote Accessories sells TPMS sensor activation systems. Coyote Accessories has access to the most up to date technology on the market as well as the latest TPM sensor protocols. This means that with Coyote Accessories you are guaranteed that your TPMS tool will always be in the fore front of what\’s available at any given time.

TPMS Support :
Coyote Accessories can supply and service our products all over the world thus providing excellent service standards to our customers. Coyote Accessories guarantees customer satisfaction in both the quality of the instrument and the level of service and technical support our customers need.

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