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K-Tuned Harness - ECU Jumper

Brand: K-Tuned | Category: Wiring Harnesses

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Product Description

The best engine harness to have when doing a K-swap is the 02-04 K20A2 Type-S harness.  Until now, using the 05-06 K20Z1 wire harness for a swap was usually avoided because it isn’t compatible with a 02-04 KPro ecu.  Rewiring it isn’t much fun either, sitting in front of wiring diagrams trying to re-pin the Z1 harness to 02-04 specs.  Also, if you get one wire wrong it is not go to work, or worse you risk damaging the ecu itself.  That’s where our K-Tuned ecu jumper comes in.  It makes converting the Z1 harness to A2 specs 99% plug and play. There is only one simple wire to hook up and you’re done.  Now any 02-04 ecu can be used on your K-swapped car.  

NOTE: A speed converter and/or rewiring of the VSS sensor may be required.

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