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10613 Microfiber Bug and Tar Scrubber Towel
10985P Wax Detailing Tool
Non-Slip Comfort Grip Brush
25-331 Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt
85-456 Sure Scrub Auto Sponge
85-506 Cotton Detailing Stix
85-538 Foam Wax Applicator Pads
4 Pack
86-893 Clay Bar
Medium Grade 200 Grams
BS7 6" Wool Polishing Bonnet
CB-12 California Water Blade 14 Inch
D-14 Car Chamois
L44-679 9 inch Cool-It White Curved Edge Foam Pad
L45-156 6" Microfiber Orbital Buffing Pad
L45-948 Spot Buffing Pad Kit
L57-976 9" Wool Cutting Pad
WEN7050A02 11" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet
2 Pack
WEN8A24 8" Terry Cloth Bonnet
Value Pack
WEN8A27 8" Foam Buffing Pad
YS Car/Auto Shammy
25-522 Microfiber Round Wax Applicator
2 Pack
25-792 Detailing Extra Fine Steel Wool
For Polishing Stainless Steel and Removing Rust from Chrome
81-207 Fire Hose Nozzle
82-004 Super Soft Body Brush
85-622 Wood Handle Toothbrush
85-631 Wire Wheel Spoke Brush
85-640 Carpet & Floor Mat Scrub Brush
85-650 Automotive Parts Cleaning Brush
HT-6910W Detailing Scrub Pads
For Cleaning Vinyl, Plastic and Leather
HT-FC6 8" Velcro Waffle Foam Buffing Pad Kit
HT-SP-050 Bend-and-Spray Hose Nozzle
L44-609 9" Yollow Foam Compund Pad
M-16 Microfiber Towel
M-19 Waffle Weave Drying Towel
MS-1 Magna Sponge Clay Bar Paint Prep Tool
WEN10A323 10" Cotton Polishing Bonnet
2 Pack
82-003 Soft Wheel/Grill/Body Brush
82-013 Carpet & Floor Mat Scrub Brush
85-322 Snow White Heavy-Duty Chenille Wash Mitt
85-430 Sure Grip Sponge
85-645 Detail Brush
85-653 Dual-Purpose Toothbrush Style Detail Brush
85-720 Extra Gentle Polishing Cloth
85-910 Car Wash Bucket
K-1008 Lane's Accessory Detail Kit
L44-649 9" Balck Foam Polishing/ Buffing Pad
L44-667 7 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Light Compounding and Paint Oxidation Removal
PR-1 Clay Pad Car Polish Paint Rejuvenator
WEN10A420 10" Foam Polishing Bonnet
WEN4001A116 Foam Applicator Pad
4" Accessory
WEN6010A40 6 in Terrycloth Bonnet
Value Pack
23-625 Upholstery Brush
25-333 Microfiber Chenille Scrubber
Wash Pad
25-698 Lug Nut Cleaning Brush
5555 Hand and Nail Brush
85-600 Pet Hair Removal Brush
85-628 Brass Toothbrush-Style Detail Brush
85-635 Battery Corrosion Brush
CWT-1 Window Towel
HT-5000 Professional Pad Cleaning Tool For Buffing Pads
HT-CGA1 Aerosol Can Trigger Sprayer
HT-SE-01 Magna Mark Scratch Eliminator Pen
L53-976 7" Wool Polishing Pad with Loop Curved Edge Vantage
L69-086 5-6" Professional Velcro Hook Backing Plate w/DA Pneumatic Adapter
For Sanders or Polishers
M-18 Professional Suede Detail Microfiber Towel
MDG Cleaning Gloves
WS50 Water Sprite
10975P Grip-It All-In-One Wheel Scrubber Brush
156700 Soap Jet Nozzle
25-332 Microfiber Chenille Scrubber
Wash Mitt
25-617 Auto Duster
85-512 Foam Tire Dressing Applicators
85-590 Leather Seat Detialing Brush
85-623 Iron Style Scrub Brush
bugsponge1 Bug Sponge
CS-A4 Car Wash Dan Brush with Telescope Stick Handle and Water Chamber
HT-20081 Jelly Water Blade
12 Inch California "Style"
HT-7714-R PVC Heavy Duty Gloves
L45-178 8" Microfiber Orbital Polishing/ Buffing Pad
L47-112 11" Foam Polishing Bonnet/Pad
L69-080 7" Velcro Backing Plate
M-17 Microfiber Wash Mitt
WEN8A25 8" Terry Cloth Polishing Bonnet
2 Pack
WEN8A28 8" Wool Polishing Bonnet
85-001 De-Mister Chamois Windshield Pad
85-422 Interior Detail Sponge for your Auto and Car
Pack of 12
85-433 Handle Sponge
85-502 Contour Tire Dressing Applicators
85-655 Mini Carpet Dust Pan & Whisk Broom Set
85-770 Wax-treated Detail Cloth
85-958 Wheel Polishing Kit
95-436 2-N-1 Sponge
L44-657 7 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Polishing and Waxing
L44-669 9 inch Cool-It Curved Edge Foam Pad
L45-102 11" Microfiber Polishing Bonnet
WEN10A422 10" Wool Blend Bonnet
For Buffing and Wax Removal
WEN4001A118 4" Wool Polishing Pads
Accessory Pack
WEN6010A41 6" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet
2 Pack
WEN7050A03 11" Cotton Polishing Bonnets
For Buffing and Wax Removal
10601 Grip-It Microfiber Polishing Mitt
10977P Grip-It Rim and Spoke Brush
85-428 Tuff Scrub Professional Poly Sponge
Bone Shape
85-436 Bug & Tar Remover Sponge
85-505 Tire & Trim Dressing Applicator
85-518 Foam & Terry Wax & Polish Applicator
85-877 Microfiber Wax Applicator/Remover
86-891 Clay Bar
Fine Grade 200 Grams
9944 Black Gold Detailing Gloves
CB-1 California Water Blade 14 Inch & Microfiber Towel Combo
L44-677 7 inch Cool-it Curved Edge Foam Pad for Final Finishing and Polishing
L45-104 11" Long-Pile Terry Microfiber Orbital Bonnet
L45-286 9"-10" Long-Pile Terry Microfiber Orbital Bonnet
WEN4001A121 4" Buffer
Value Pack
WEN6010A42 6" Terrycloth Polishing Bonnets
2 Pack
WEN7050A04 11" Wool Blend Bonnet
WEN8A26 8" Terry Cloth Applicator Bonnet
2 Pack
25-853 Microfiber Car Detailing Towels
3 Pack
82-001 Extreme Duty Fender Scrub Brush
82-012 Soft Grip Whitewall of Sidewall Tire Brush
85-310 Spun Gold Heavy Duty Professional Car Washing Mitt
85-632 Wire Wheel Spoke Brush
85-643 Foam Buffing/Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush
85-652 Detail Vent Brush
85-656 Paint Brush Style Detail Brush
HT-PB100 Plastic Razor Blades
Box of 100
JM-1 Jumbo Microfiber Towel
L44-629 9" White Foam Polishing Pad for Final Finishing and Polishing
L44-659 9 inch Cool-It Curved Edge Foam Polishing/Buffing Pad
M-21 Terry Auto Wax Applicators
2 Pack
PHS Pet Hair Removal Stone
WEN10A324 10" Terrycloth Applicator Bonnets
2 Pack
WEN10A423 10" Terrycloth Bonnet
Value Pack

Product Description

Lane’s Accessory Detail Kit
Lane’s Accessory Detail Kit – Use Professional Microfiber Products

This professional accessory package starts with Lane’s 2 pack MicroFiber Towel. These detailing microfiber towels are designed to polish and clean, leaving a lint-free, streak free surface.

Next use Lane’s Professional MicroFiber Gloves, use these unique Microfiber Detail Gloves to clean the interior surfaces of your vehicle. These extremely durable, super absorbing Detail Gloves can be used over and over again.

Next we include Lane’s Detail Brush. This Brush is designed to dust and clean, leaving a dust-free vent.

In this great package we also include Lane’s Waffle Weave Towel, the hottest product on the market today. Our Waffle Weave Drying Towel is 16 by 24 inches. Use super absorbing Waffle Weave for a rapid dry time of vehicles and to clean glass.

Next use Lane’s Professional MicroFiber Suede Towel. This Micro Fiber Suede Towel will polish eliminating streaking on chrome.

Next use Lane’s 20×40 Jumbo Microfiber Towel. The Jumbo Microfiber towel is great for exterior vehicle drying and is extremely durable used over & over again!

Finally, Lane’s MicroFiber Wash Mitt is pure quality. You will not have to worry about leaving any swirl marks or fine scratches in your paint.

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