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E-130/16 Black & White Tire Cleaner
E-130/32 Black & White Tire Cleaner
E-130/Gallon Black & White Tire Cleaner
1 Gallon
E-416/16 Grape Tire Dressing
E-416/32 Grape Tire Dressing
E-425/16 Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing
E-425/32 Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing
E-425/Gallon Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing
1 Gallon
E-610/16 New Aluminum
E-610/32 New Aluminum
E-610/Gallon New Aluminum
1 Gallon
E-614/16 Safe Wheel
E-614/32 Safe Wheel
E-614/Gallon Safe Wheel
1 Gallon
E-718/16 Wheel Polish
E-718/32 Wheel Polish

Product Description

Wheels are one of the dirtiest parts on our car and are coated with oils, road grime, dirt, rocks and chemicals from the road. Using the right aluminum wheel cleaner or chrome wheel cleaner will save you time and effectively cut through the dirt and grime. Proper wheel protection starts with the right wheel polish.

Automobile tires have a lot riding on them, and they deserve our efforts to protect them from the elements, and the abuse we and, our atmosphere, put them through. Left alone, car tires dry out. They discolor over time, crack and split. It’s called dry rot and is caused by sun damage and other pollutants in our atmosphere. However, unlike the rest of your car, your rubber tires have pores that absorb this dirt and grime below the surface of the tire. This dirt and grime can affect the safety and longevity of your tires. The proper tire care protection from these damaging agents is important to keeping your tires lasting and looking new. Simply put, the sun is constantly assaulting car tires and breaking down the tire and its polymers. To keep your tires safe, simple steps can be taken to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays.

Black & White Tire Cleaner
Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner, a strong bleach cleaner that attacks dirt and grime easily upon application. There is no match for Lane’s tire cleaners, their that strong. Whether you have a dirty black tire, white lettering or whitewalls, Black & White Tire Cleaner is the answer. Now that your tires are clean, finish the look with Lane’s Super Blue Tire Gloss, which will provide your tires with a show room shine, not to mention the most important factor, prevention of tire cracking and discoloration.

Grape Tire Dressing
Grape Tire Dressing is a premium, ultra-high gloss dressing. This purple colored tire dressing is formulated with extremely high viscosity silicons to produce that rich, long-lasting shine on all rubber, vinyl and plastic.

New Aluminum
Lane’s New Aluminum is a strong acidic wheel cleaner for cleaning aluminum wheels instantly upon application. Now, you can save time and keep your aluminum wheels looking bright.

Safe Wheel
Lane’s Safe Wheel is a non-acidic professional strength wheel cleaner designed to clean chrome, custom, alloy and mag wheels effectively and safely. Lane’s Safe Wheel makes Cleaning chrome wheels easy. Always make sure your chrome wheels are cool and spray cleaner on the wheel, watching the dirt and grime instantly start to dissolve. To speed up the cleaning processes rub the chrome wheel lightly using a micro fiber mitt or sponge. Hosing off our professional strength chrome wheel cleaner is exciting because now, you can see the brilliant shine of your chrome wheels.

Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing
Super Blue Tire Shine is a fast drying, high gloss, long lasting solvent based tire shine. Super Blue is a concentrated tire dressing that will repel water and add that extra protection to your tires.

Wheel Polish
Use a wax pad or dry towel to apply the aluminum and chrome polish to your wheels. Be sure to apply the polish evenly to your wheel, using amble pressure, rubbing in a circular motion with smooth and consistent strokes. This is where a little old-fashioned elbow grease will do wonders for your results.

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