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Part #: Fossil 10K Watch
Notes: Fossil Custom 10K RPM Collector's Watch
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Product Description

MVP is proud to exclusively offer you this Special Edition Fossil 10,000 RPM Tachometer watch. MVP has contracted with Fossil to produce exactly 1,000 of them one time and one time only. When they are gone they are gone forever. When #1,000 comes off the line, Fossil will ship us the mold and we will break it ourselves to make sure this watch is never made again.

Now to the details…100% stainless steel genuine Fossil watch, water resistant to 100 meters, and it has a sport safety metal buckle (in men’s size only). We started with a very stylish and modern looking Fossil watch and completely re-worked it. Adding a custom GunMetal color not available in stores anywhere; then we sent Fossil’s Custom Projects Department a very well known 10,000 RPM tachometer for them to use as a foundation for the dial you see pictured here. As you can see Fossil has done a great job accurately capturing the features of the tachometer, all the way down to the yellow and red color changes as you approach the 10K redline.

Turn over the watch and on the back and you’ll find more custom work. The words “Limited Edition” inscribed above your exclusive series number. It appears as “0031 / 1000” or “605 / 1000” etc… (If you are purchasing multiple watches for yourself or your club or friends we will guarantee an unbroken series of numbers for no additional cost).

We thought about stopping there as we were satisfied with the overall look of the watch, but something was missing. Then it hit us! At night you can see a tachometer in your car so you should be able to see this watch at night too! We made a painful phone call back to Fossil and asked about the possibility of adding a light to the watch. Surprisingly Fossil was very receptive and excited about our idea of further customizing this project. In a few short weeks our prototype showed up which you can see pictured here. At night you tap the upper button and the tachometer lights up as if it were in your car’s gauge cluster! (We are still working on a good picture of it lit up at night, as soon as we get a clean picture we’ll place it up here.)

Please note: The final production watch will have the number 6 at the top (where 12 is on a normal watch), the number 3 exactly at 9o’clock and the number 9 exactly at 3o’clock. We felt that made it easier to see what time it was when we lined up the numbers exactly with the hours.

As the final touch for this keepsake, you will receive your watch in an all-black aluminum case with a picture of a 10K RPM Tachometer on the cover topping off the other distinctive designs covering the tin. Take a look at this very unique piece here.

After receiving your watch you will note that its 100% stainless steel band needs sizing. We’ve got you covered there too! Fossil’s contract with all its major retailers requires that they size any Fossil watch brought to them, regardless of where it was purchased. That means you can go to any major retailer and have it sized for free. While we don’t have a full list of retailers, we know that the following places will do it: Dillard’s, Macy’s, Foley’s, Nordstrom, All Federated Stores, Filenes, and the Fossil Retail Store.

Why did we choose Fossil? Several reasons: First, they were willing to work with us to give us the exact custom watch we wanted down to the last detail. They were also willing to work with us exclusively and to break the mold after production to ensure this one is forever one-of-a-kind. Second, their warranty is one of the best in the business. For 11 years they will fully cover the movement of the hands, the stainless steel band, the clasp, etc. If a pin falls out it is fixed for free; if the clasp breaks it is fixed for free; if a hand starts sticking or moving improperly its fixed for free. Even if you break the crystal they will install a new one for only $5! And, for the first 90 days, your watch is 100% covered against virtually everything. If you break the crystal they replace it for free, if the battery goes out they replace it for free, etc. Finally, Fossil has been in business since 1984 and they expect to top $1B in sales this year, so we have the support of a large and capable company.

This watch makes a great gift for yourself or for any racing enthusiast you know and we feel this watch captures the essence of our import industry. This watch is so exceptional you might even want to buy 2, one to wear proudly and one to store away and cherish (not to mention we expect the value to increase like it did with our last Fossil Supra Watch that sold out in a few short months).

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