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Ny-Trex Typhoon Turbine UNIVERSAL

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150000 Typhoon Turbine
Size 3.0"
110000 Complete Typhoon Tank & Install Kit
150001 Typhoon Turbine
Size 2.5"

Product Description

The Typhoon turbine makes ordinary nitrous systems, extra-ordinary. It takes your nitrous system and kicks it into overdrive with boosts in horsepower and torque!

The Typhoon is a very efficient way to improve the delivery of Nitrous into the intake system. This unique design utilizes the high pressure released during nitrous activation to drive the turbine and create positive force in much the same way that a turbo uses the exhaust force to drive the turbo. The result is an improved spray pattern along with a mild boost force that greatly improves the horsepower and torque efficiency over typical EFI single nozzle systems. When the N2O is not in use, the “Passive Mode” allows passing air to
spin the turbine freely to create swirl effect of air entering the throttle body for improved air flow

  • Unique design utilizes high pressure nitrous or pressurized air to drive the turbine to create positive induction force.
  • Implements a directional injection nozzle that can be angled to control the speed.
  • Injection nozzle uses different size orifice jets to control the flow rate of the force media.
  • Has ability to utilize a Y mixer nozzle to introduce both the force media (air/n2o) and a catalyst media such as fuel, alcohol or methanol.
  • Passive mode allows passing air to spin turbine fan freely to create swirl effect of air entering the throttle body for improved air flow.
  • Improves horsepower efficiency of existing single nozzle nitrous injection system by as much as 15% and increases torque numbers up to 20% or more.
  • Installs easily within minutes to any aftermarket cold air pipe system.

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