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Password JDM Shift Knob - BrassKnuckle

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Product Description

Password:JDM BrassKnuckle Shift Knobs for Heavy Hitters! You know, for those of you who have Paul Bunion power… The BrassKnuckle Knobs are available in two different sizes, the 420 gram shorty, and the 530 gram standard issue. There are advantages to having a weighted shift knob, especially on D and B series trannies. Also, most racers like having a heavy knob, its a better counterweight and the shift is easier.

Besides the functionality of this design, there is also a feature that’s an industry first. You have the option to purchase a colored washer set that you can use to match the look of your vehicle. By switching out the colored washer, you can truly get unique look. Threaded to a metric 10×1.5, this shift knob will fit many other vehicles besides Hondas.

  • Available in either 420 gram shorty, or 530 gram standard issue.
  • Ergonomically designed for the perfect driving feel.
  • Color matched options.
  • PWJDM designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house.
  • Machined from a solid piece of brass, Made in the USA.
  • Metric 10×1.5 pitch, will fit Hondas and other vehicles with the same thread size.

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