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Shining Monkey D-Spec Liquid Polish UNIVERSAL

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18123 D-Spec Liquid Polish
18123CASE D-Spec Liquid Polish
Case of 12

Product Description

We’re confident that our D-Spec Carnauba Wax will give your ride a superior and long-lasting shine. However, there are some enthusiasts out there that crave for a more deeper and long-lasting luster.

And this is where the industry-leading D-Spec Liquid Polish comes in, to further strengthen the initial wax, providing the ultimate in shine while cleaning off all the contaminants on your paint and clear coat.

Made of the same high-grade Carnauba as the D-Spec Carnauba Wax, the D-Spec Liquid Polish not only uses micro polishing agents to reinforce the protection on the paint and clear coat, but it also reduces fade and oxidation with the latest in chemical technologies.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains PTFE Resin
  • Nano Technology Formulation
  • Promotes High Surface Tension
  • Removes Micro Scratches and Swirls
  • Removes Surface Oxidization and Contaminants
  • Purest Grade of White Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Non Chalking Formula – No White Build-Up or Residue
  • Cleans, Repairs, and Prepares Paint Surface for Next Steps
  • Safe to us with Polisher/Buffer
  • Body Shop Safe
  • Builds Layers
  • Easy On, Easy Off! 
  • Concours Quality 
  • Longer Lasting Shine

Proper Car Care Tip
You should always clean from the top of the car to the bottom. Remember the bottom areas are usually
a lot dirtier, plus you won’t contaminate the clean areas with that filth. Dry the car the same way
leaving the lower areas and rear for last.

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