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Sparco Seat - Tuner Series - Speed UNIVERSAL

Brand: Sparco | Category: Seats
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00915NR Speed Tuner Seat
Color Black
Fabric Competition
Shell Fiberglass
00915NRAZ Speed Tuner Seat
Color Black/Blue
Fabric Competition
Shell Fiberglass
00915NRRS Speed Tuner Seat
Color Black/Red
Fabric Competition
Shell Fiberglass
00915RS Speed Tuner Seat
Color Red
Fabric Competition
Shell Fiberglass
00915TNR Speed Tuner Seat
Color Blue
Fabric Jacquard
Shell Fiberglass

Product Description

The Speed is an evolution of the world famous “Sprint” competition seat, which is one of the most popular seats in Sparco’s line. A joint technical partnership with Pirelli has developed a new internal support system that offers improved comfort and control. The Speed features the same high density injection molded memory foam found in the Torino and Milano. All seats are available in competition fabric, black Jacquard is also available.


  • Abrasion Resistance
    Perforated abrasion resistant inserts are strategically placed to protect the seat against excessive wear in high wear areas
  • Pirelli Inertia Displacement
    Sparco and Pirelli came together to develop an internal support system that offers improved comfort and control. Pirelli chemical research technicians engineered a high quality rubber compound exclusively for Sparco that absorbs vibration and assists in inertia displacement.
  • Dual Density Foam
    Ultra high-density foam surrounds the seat’s shell to reduce the amount of vibration transfer into your body. The decrease in vibration transfer helps to battle driver fatigue allowing you to maintain focus and concentrate on driving

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