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STILLEN Sport Rotors - 2-Piece

Brand: STILLEN | Category: Brake Rotors

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Product Description

STILLEN 2-piece Sport Rotors are the best choice for performance, durability and style when staying with OE factory calipers. These high-performance upgrades directly replace those plain OE factory rotors with no modification required. These track-developed rotors are mounted on aircraft aluminum hats, which are anodized to look great and stay that way. Special hardware is used to handle the punishment of repeated thermal heat cycles. Maximize your long-term investment by only needed to replace the outer iron rings when the time comes as the hat is reusable.

Cross-drilled rotors are a quick and simple way to improve initial pad bite. With the additional leading edges at each hole, the pad is able to grab the rotor just a little bit harder when it’s time to stop NOW! Tests have shown (and drivers can feel) the immediate improvement. The holes also provide better cooling under hard use. Pad wear may be accelerated slightly (depending on driving technique), so only high quality brake pads should be considered. Cross-drilled rotors are not recommended for track duty – choose slotted rotors instead.

Slotted rotors provide some of the increased pad bite that cross-drilled rotors do, but can handle the heat of more aggressive use. The slots act as a wiper, cleaning the pad face as they go by to reduce pad glazing, keeping the pads fresh for optimal performance. If taking the car often to track days or where very spirited driving is the norm, slotted rotors are the smart choice.

Cross-drilled and slotted rotors combine the best of both. Fewer holes mean longer pad life with little penalty in the way of initial pad bite. These are popular, aggressive-looking patterns that look great behind those custom wheels.

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