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STILLEN Transmission Valve Body Upgrade

Brand: STILLEN | Category: Rebuild Parts

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Product Description

Looking for crisper shifts and better performance from your automatic transmission? Our valve body upgrade is the answer.

This unit will increase the power handling ability of the transmission as well as firm up the shifts and improve performance. Shifts 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 are substantially improved. Our extensive modifications include upgrading springs, revalving and machining the stock unit. Better performance than any other unit!

**Please note – THERE IS NO CORE PROGRAM. This upgrade is performed on the valve body already inside your transmission. You must remove your valve body and send it to us for the upgrade.
Once you have purchased our Valve Body Upgrade we will send you (via your choice of shipping method) an empty box. This will contain instructions on removing the valve body and adequate packing materials for shipping.

It is very important that you package the valve body carefully. Once we receive the valve body, we will have the valve body upgrade finished within 2 days of receiving it and will send the completed unit back to you (via your choice of shipping method) for installation. Please contact us with any questions.

The slightest damage can render the valve body and the transmission unusable. As replacement valve bodies are unavailable, we insure (as you should when sending the unit in) each valve body shipment for the cost of an installed replacement transmission and limited rental car use.

NOTE: You MUST use Nissan’s specialty transmission fluid for this transmission. Any other fluid will cause damage!

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